Protecting Workers, Visitors & Customers


We work across multiple industries to protect what really matters: the health and prosperity of your employees, customers and visitors.

Industries We Serve

  • Healthcare

    Automatically screen visitors at entrances. Monitor and enforce compliance with health protocols inside facilities. Greeter protects staff, patients and visitors in hospitals, clinics and labs. Learn more.

  • Senior Living & Long-Term Care

    Deploy effective, automated screening at entrances. Protect the health & safety of patients, staff & visitors. Reduce costs of covid-19 related policies and procedures. Learn more.

  • Manufacturing & Heavy Industry

    Including pharma, food & beverage, resource extraction and power generation. We have a proven track record in challenging regulatory environments like nuclear power. Learn more.

  • Government & Public Sector

    Including courts and correctional institutions. Protect your staff and the public with a solution designed from the ground up to fully comply with privacy legislation. Learn more.

We also serve  pharmacies (including chains and independents), transportation, warehouses and distribution facilities, hotels/motels, grocery stores, offices, educational institutions and any other organization with physical buildings that needs to keep people safe.

Let's fight Covid-19 together.

Deploying Greeter is quick and easy.

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Greeter is a product of Gradient Ascent, an applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) company with dozens of AI projects in software, financial services, and industrial sectors. We believe friendly technology can nudge people into making socially responsible choices.

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