Automated Active Screening For Healthcare

Greeter.AI is the fast, easy and compliant screening solution deployed in hospitals across North America.

With Greeter you can:

Redeploy entry screening personnel with automated on-site screening. Download the Greeter app to a tablet and place it at your entrance. Greeter detects when someone approaches and takes them through your standard screening protocol, using only their voice.

Deploy friendly & fast online pre-screening that complies with regulations. Our secure, privacy-compliant and configurable screening surveys are used prior to arrival and can handle patients, visitors and staff.

Join the growing list of hospitals that use Greeter to automate time-consuming and onerous screening protocols. 

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Proven Track Record
"Greeter was very easy to implement and our staff didn't need any additional training to use it. One of the benefits is that it freed up our team so they were able to focus more time for direct client care. This innovation helps keep our clients, staff, volunteers, peers and trainees safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic."
Dr. Edward Kucharski   —   Chief Medical Officer, Casey House
  • Cut costs & save time
  • Reduce line-ups
  • Keep people safe
  • Comply with regulations
  • Accessible, multilingual & privacy-compliant
  • Contactless, voice-based screening
  • Support for patients, staff and/or visitors
  • Deploy in hours, not weeks
  • No IT support needed for installation
  • On-site screening works without Internet
  • Configurable alerts & notifications
  • Requires no human supervision
  • Integrate with sticker & receipt printers for physical screening verification
  • Automatically detect and enforce PPE compliance
  • Audible alarms
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use
  • Integrations with other services
  • Multi-device management
  • Analytics & reports
  • Admin dashboard

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Key Healthcare Use-Cases

Automate Screening

Install At Entrance

Cut costs, free up resources & streamline entry flows. Install Greeter at entrances to replace screening personnel.

Mitigate Risk

Assess At Entrance

Conduct contactless, voice-based risk assessments at points of entry. Execute response strategies when elevated risk is established.

Automate Screening

Deploy Pre-Screening

Screen staff and/or patients and visitors with our secure, privacy-compliant web-based pre-screening solution.

Scale Your Response

Operationalize Assessments

Conduct assessments and pre-assessments remotely or on-site, including at regular intervals.

Completely Customizable & Configurable

Greeter is completely customizable and can be configured to work seamlessly in your environment using your standard protocols.

Questions, answers and associated logic/workflows are completely configurable.
The types of acceptable PPE can range from DIY cloth masks to N95s and anything in between.
Instructions for pass, fail and other screens can be customized to your environment.

Let's fight Covid-19 together.

Deploying Greeter is quick and easy.

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Greeter is a product of Gradient Ascent, an applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) focused on health & safety in the healthcare and industrial sectors. Our mission is to keep people out of harm's way.

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