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Protect your pharmacy's staff and customers by automatically encouraging, monitoring and enforcing compliance with covid-19 health protocols.

24/7 AI-Powered Protection Against Covid-19

Fulfill Your Duty Of Care

Countless people who are sick or caring for a sick person visit your pharmacy for advice, medication and essential groceries. These visits are unquestionably essential but they increase the risk for everyone.

Mitigating that risk and keeping people safe means everyone in your pharmacy must follow public health guidelines. The quickest and easiest way to do that is with Greeter.

Greeter's advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms automatically detect breaches of health protocols such as social distancing and mask-wearing. When breaches are detected, it encourages and reminds people to comply.

Protect. Don't Antagonize.

Greeter is designed from the ground up to respect privacy. Its alerts are friendly, not harsh or authoritarian, so you can protect your customers without antagonizing them.

It's also quick, easy and cost-effective to deploy.

Key Pharmacy Use-Cases

Shift Behaviour

Install At Entrance

Install Greeter at entrances to detect, monitor and encourage compliance with public health guidelines for entrants.

Guard Against Infection

Assess At Entrance

Conduct contactless (voice-based) risk assessments at points of entry. Execute response strategies when elevated risk is established.

Mitigate Risk

Assess On-Site

Conduct contactless (voice-based) risk assessments within your facility. Greeter can alert staff when elevated risk is established.

Protect Staff

Guard Work Areas

Install Greeter in shared spaces, such as behind the counter, to monitor and encourage PPE usage and physical distancing protocols.

Differentiate Your Response

Your customers have options. They need to know that your pharmacy is a safe choice. Installing Greeter is a visible, highly noticeable way to show your commitment to making people safer. Because Greeter is cutting-edge technology that uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, people will talk about it and you may even attract positive media attention.

  • Contactless temperature checks
  • Contactless assessments
  • Works with any iPad/iPad Mini
  • Install quickly and easily
  • Fully secure
  • No Internet/wifi needed
  • 24/7 monitoring and alerts
  • Requires no human supervision
  • Detect specific PPE
  • Detect social distancing
  • Audible alarms
  • Configurable alerts
  • Integrations with other services
  • Multi-device management
  • Analytics & reports
  • Admin dashboard

Let's fight Covid-19 together.

Deploying Greeter is quick and easy.

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Greeter is a product of Gradient Ascent, an applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) focused on health & safety in the healthcare and industrial sectors. Our mission is to keep people out of harm's way.

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